I have many memories of going through my parent’s photo albums as a child and always asking them questions that came to mind as I paged through the pile of albums. They preserved this legacy they created and now I sit and page through the albums of my childhood and show my daughter. Photographs are timeless and our grandchildren will cherish them someday and it’ll be the connection to their past, to their history, to their legacy. 

You may be thinking that you don’t have time, that your children won’t behave, that the outfits will get ruined, and that there just isn’t time in your schedule to do one more thing. But I promise you have the time. It’ll be a fun memory for the whole family and I always carry a few Tide pens. 

Behind my Work

the heart

I consider it a huge privilege that you’ve chosen me to photograph your family. Whether this session is to celebrate a milestone, a new season, or to get fresh images for your walls, it’s incredibly important. 

My goal is to create timeless images that showcase your family’s love, laughter, the big smiles, the quiet moments, the in-between kisses on the forehead, and snuggles.

Family is important. Classic images that capture the genuine emotion will become family heirlooms for years to come.

Now read on to find out how the magic happens.  

the PORTRAIT process

We get in touch and plan your session. First off you’ll receive a planning guide so we can figure out the best time for your family around nap times, snack times, and beautiful sunlight. I have a styling guide to help take the stress off of finding outfits so you’ll be stress free with coordinating outfits that the whole family loves.

How do we create magic?

This day has been planned, prepared for, and now has arrived. Time to meet at the agreed upon location and be ready to enjoy belly laughs, games with your children, snuggles, and loving on your family. I promise I’ll be ready to play with your children and of course get a few photo’s of you and the love of your life, to have images of the heart of your family. 

Let's have fun!

Now it’s time to view all your family’s gorgeousness and re-live a family date. We'll get together in person or online and view your gallery together! Then we'll narrow down the perfect photographs and heirloom products for your home that tells your story with authenticity and beauty.

The best part!

You’ve invested in a professional artist, and now you need to showcase the imagery that captures your family's essence. We specialize in providing a comprehensive service to our clients by learning all about your story then helping you to display your story on your walls that is classic and timeless. The albums and wall art that we offer will become statement pieces in your home, that creates an impactful and emotional way to be reminded of your legacy for years to come.

Your First Family Heirloom

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