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Dear Bride: Do You Remember Your Why?


Do you remember your why!

Dear Bride:

As you get closer and closer to your wedding day, it can sometimes feel like a roller coaster ride. There is so much excitement and change coming that sometimes the overwhelm takes over.

Grab a cup of coffee, or tea, and keep reading for advice on how to truly enjoy your wedding and focus on the why of marrying your best friend!

It’s so important to take time to feel all the emotions—nervousness, excitement, the dress, the laughs, the happy tears.

Take it all in.

Now if it ever starts to feel like too much, or to stressful, just take a deep breath and remember that you are marrying your best friend!

Remember the WHY of your wedding. You are celebrating spending forever with your best friend and inviting friends and family to celebrate with you.

I promise your dress is going to make you look and feel gorgeous, that the venue housing your loved ones will be warm and welcoming, that your florals will be stunning, and that you will be (and ARE) beautiful. Just remember that the heart of your wedding is saying I Do to a lifetime of laughter, adventure, and joy—all while leaning on each other through the peaks and valleys of this life.

Remember your love, your WHY of getting married. Then go look into your love’s eyes, hand in hand, and step into forever together.

Just keep reminding yourself that you are starting a whole new life together and let all that stress melt away.

beautiful brunette bride holds large bouquet of peach and white flowers on a grassy beach
Bride holds gorgeous bouquet of peach and white flowers mixed with greenery
full length photo of a gorgeous brunette bride standing in a grassy beach area holding a large bouquet of flowers
bride stands with free-flowing hair on grassy beach holding a large bouquet and pulling her hair back from her face
Bride shows off lace detail on the bottom of her dress and then reaches up to touch her full lips
bride standing on a grassy beach with her cathedral veil wrapped delicately around her
bride with full lips looks down at the ground from behind her cathedral veil
gorgeous brunette bride with full, plump lips looks at camera from behind her veil Comfort and Cashmere Images
young brunette bride smiles from behind her veil comfort and cashmere images

We worked with some amazing vendors on this styled shoot:
Location | Park Point Duluth, MN
Bridal Shop |  Christian Lane Bridal
Make up | Derick Cich
Hair | Sara Kringle at Salon Capelli
Florals | Saffron & Grey

Oct 14, 2019

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